The Time – "777-9311" (live on American Bandstand, 1982)

I guess Prince-slash-MPLS is officially a today’s, ahem, “theme.”

Some observations:
1. Note that they’re playing live on AB, which NO ONE ever did (or got to do, as the case may be).
2. Note that they TEAR SHIT UP.
3. Note that barring their 1990 comeback (however brief it was – i.e., one album) this was their biggest hit, peaking at a frustrating #2 on the R&B chart (and #88 pop, ’cause sometimes popsters are SUCKAS).
4. Note that there STILL AIN’T a Time anthology available. C’mon, Warners! (Then again, considering how little you get right these days, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…)


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