O, Canada!

Sure, it’s easy to dog Canada, Canadians, Canadian music (two words: Nickelback’s “Rockstar”), but they’ve given us a few good records, at least. Besides the ’80s output of Rush, I mean, ’cause that’s in its own category: LOVE LOVE LOVE ’80s Rush, especially ’84’s Grace Under Pressure and ’85’s Power Windows. Anyway, when I attended Purdue in the late ’80s, we got our dorm cable off satellite, but the university was too cheap to unscramble MTV. Ergo, our music video channel was also Canada’s: MuchMusic. At the time, it was gloriously, gleefully schizoid, and paid a lot more attention to the underground than its south-of-the-border cousin. I learned of a fair amount of artists via MuchMusic, and some of ’em I even still fancy.

I can’t resist: Rush it is. “Distant Early Warning” blew my mind at age 13, and I’ll argue it still holds up, as does the entirety of the heavy-concept Grace Under Pressure. There’s no one quite like Canada’s most major power trio.


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4 Responses to O, Canada!

  1. Alfred Soto says:

    what about Neil Young’s <>Trans<>?


  2. Thomas says:

    This isn’t a definitive list.


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  4. rock is dead says:

    “Victim of Love” is def a better single than “Heat of the Night,”I’m pretty sure he left it off of So Far So Good though, for some reason…I’d have to put Bryan Adams higher that Rush on my list, something about that band always just bothered me. Too prog for me, i guess.


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