Please allow me to introduce myself

Wrote this for somewhere else this weekend, and like it enough to repost here:

I’m Thomas, Midwestern by birth and perhaps temperament, Californian for over a decade; in my mid-40s, which means that I do in fact consider 1983-84 the golden age of top 40; blogger since 2002; wrote for Stylus 2005-2007, and have been tight with Alfred since then; divorcée, now in an amazing year-plus relationship with a man the age of, er, many of you [i.e. 20-something]; currently blogging generally at and specifically about the #1 country songs of the ’80s at; cohost of the Jheri Curl Chronicles podcast on the #1 R&B songs of the ’80s; preferred cocktail is Jack and Diet Coke with lime.


About thomasinskeep

I write about music.
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