The year ends

I know that it’s only the second week of December. But I also know that I just had a birthday, and since I’m a December baby, I tend to take stock of the past year around my birthday, rather than waiting for NYE. I also know that as a voter in a couple of music critics polls, I have to have my year-end lists finalized before year’s end. And most importantly, I also know that while 2016 fucking sucked, as did the dumpster fire of the year’s top 100 singles, it was still an awfully good year for music. Which means it’s time for me to count down my top 40 singles and top 10 albums of the year, in advance of 12/31. For singles, I’ll be basing my blurbs around what I wrote for The Singles Jukebox, where applicable, but editing and adding/subtracting as needed. (Original text will be denoted with a “TSJ:” and placed in italics.) My thoughts on my favorite albums of the year will be all new (writing, if not thinking). And of course, because I’m a (spiritual) child of Casey Kasem, I’ll be counting down in reverse order, because that’s just how one does it.


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