Top 40 of 2016: #37

TSJ: American hip-hop and R&B is sampling/interpolating a shitload of ’90s R&B right now (cf. Tory Lanez’s “Say It,” Zendaya’s “Something New,” etc.), but no one is understanding its essence quite like K-pop producers. Super-swoony romantic lyrics (“Yeah, I’m your knight and I’ll save you from sadness”) pair with production reminiscent of ‘NSync at their R&B-est and you get swept off your feet. Or I do, at least, because this is pretty damn close to perfect. 

This is absolute 2002 TRL perfection. Plus, the video is pretty goth, and features lots of snow, blowing curtains, and broken glass.

It’s funny to think that three years ago I knew little to nothing about K-pop save for the meme that was “Gangnam Style,” and care for it less. Now it’s like a drug: the more I hear, the more I want. But the stone truth is that nowhere on earth is there better pure pop music being made than in South Korea, and every K-pop record on my list is a prime example of that.


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