Top 40 of 2016: #38

TSJ: Endlessly charming, this sweet bonbon of a single comes across like if Britney and Justin had recorded a duet in 2000, at the heights of their TRL powers. The video takes it to further levels of cuteness, too. This ain’t challenging or remotely boundary-pushing — Seventeen are no BTS, at least not yet — but it’s a sweet sugarlump of a record.

Seventeen are a 13-member K-pop boy band, and I tend to love them most in their squeaky-clean pop mode, like on “Q&A.” I’m surprised to look back and see that I gave this a [6] in January; it stuck with me all year long, and today I’d likely give it an [8]. That piano riff (if you can call it that) gets stuck in my head not infrequently.


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