Top 40 of 2016: #40

TSJ: Corinne Bailey Rae: good singer, good songwriter, but her records have always been too Radio 2 for my taste: staid, “classy,” a bit of a snooze.  That all changes with “Been to the Moon,” however, and I give plenty of the credit to KING’s Paris and Amber Strother, who cowrote this. “Moon” is a buoyant love song, buoyed primarily by its plush synths but also by Rae’s vocals, which are no less than ebullient. The coda of jazzy late-night horns is luscious, too.

I wish this had made any kind of dent, chart-wise, anywhere, somewhere, because like KING’s own work (which I’ll get to, trust), this is superb, silky R&B like few others are making right now. But alas. Maybe it was too progressive for Adult R&B radio?


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