Top 40 of 2016: #31

TSJ: Hitting all of my ’80s college rock sweet spots simultaneously, new Chilean band Playa Gótica take a little Stone Roses, a little shoegaze, some Smiths-via-Ocean Blue, and fold it together into a melange that takes me into the(ir) deep. Their Soundcloud page describes them (via Google Translate) as a “light but violent pop band,” and I like that summation. There’s a darkness under the surface, some definite goth influence underneath strong pop melodies, and it’s not due to any one particular element, though lead singer Fanny surely pulls it all together with vocals that can be tough and coo at the same time.

Mad props to Juana for tipping TSJ, and me, off to this band, who are definitely going places. Can’t wait for their debut album.


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