Top 40 of 2016: #33

Few artists in any genre are as consistent as the current reigning queen of country, Carrie Underwood. In the past 11 years, since winning American Idol, she’s released six albums, all of which (5 studio and 1 greatest hits) have hit #1 on the country chart. She’s had 23 singles of her own promoted to country radio during that time, and 22 of them have hit the top 3 on the country airplay chart. This is the 23rd, and it’s almost there (#7 and climbing at this writing). Her albums are always solid, but more than that she’s a superlative singles artist. “Dirty Laundry” is a prime example: not only can she pull off uptempo rockers to match any of the male hitmakers at the moment, but she is the best at cheating songs, specifically “You cheated on me, but you won’t do it again” cheating songs, all the way back to the classic “Before He Cheats.” Jay Joyce’s production gives this a real oomph (check out the way those drums thwock in the first 10 seconds of the song), and Carrie lays on the twang just so, to give it a little somethin’ extra. This is my favorite single of hers since 2012’s “Two Black Cadillacs,” which was, you guessed it, another song about a cheater. I tell you, she’s good.


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