Top 40 of 2016: #25

TSJ: From the first listen to Puff’s MMM mixtape — a top ten of 2015 and better than expectations suggested — this was the highlight, leaning more on the side of ’80s funk than ’90s hip-hop, with a bass line to die for (and Puff knows about epic basslines). Ty’s slickly-manipulated vocals are perfect for this groove, which damned near could’ve come off a 1983 Midnight Star album; Gizzle fills the role of Ma$e (tell me I’m wrong, I dare you); and Puff knows (or at least thinks he knows) how to make the ladies swoon. 

I honestly should’ve slid MMM into my 2015 top 10, because it’s that good — proved to me by the amount I’ve returned to it, again and again, this year — but it was late-breaking enough that I was unsure enough that I didn’t. That said, “You Could Be My Lover” is a stone-cold JAM, absolutely undeniable. Ty sounds great, Puff sounds like, well, Puff, and give him lots of credit for spotlighting, on a radio-ready record (it scraped into the top 30 of Mainstream R&B Airplay), a stone butch dyke rapping about how she’s gonna bone all the ladies, in the form of rising star Gizzle. I wish I had this higher than #25, but that’s a testament to how many good singles there were in 2016, not any reflection against this.


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