Top 40 of 2016: #11

TSJ: Talk about a sucker punch. I’ve liked RaeLynn’s last two singles perfectly fine, gave them both [7]s, in fact. But I didn’t expect anything like this from her just yet in her career. She’s 22, and recently told Taste of Country that she wrote the brutal “Love Triangle” when she was just 18, about growing up as a child of divorce, stuck between two barely speaking parents. The subtle production emphasizes RaeLynn’s voice and lyrics — and this is all about the lyrics. This has already been a stellar year for female country artists breaking out (Cam, Maren Morris, Tara Thompson, Brandy Clark’s major label debut), and I was already curious about what her Warners debut would sound like, but now I can’t wait.  One of the year’s best singles.

This is starting to flirt with the Country Airplay top 30, and I’m gonna be real interested to see if she can get further up the chart. This one’s so sad, but so beautiful.


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