Top 40 of 2016: #12

TSJ: From the first time I heard “Keep You In Mind” this year, it’s never left my phone. This is precisely what I want from R&B nowadays: it’s sexy without coming off as dirty, it’s sweetly sung (and I love that Banks uses both a falsetto and his lower register), and it’s got a synthed-up bassline FOR THE GODS. It’s also got a very ’80s feel to it without coming off as derivative or even pastiche; it’s simply from that same well of influence. Asking someone “can I keep you in mind” is a delicious way to say “I’m really into you.” A decade ago, this would’ve spent two months atop Billboard‘s R&B Airplay chart; today, it’s “just” an Adult R&B #1, which saddens me. But I’ll take the good stuff wherever I can find it, and this is precisely as good as it gets.


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