Top 40 of 2016: #5

TSJ: “Turnin’ every head, hell I ain’t even tryin’” — that’s because Maren Morris is that good, that natural, she really doesn’t have to try. I know she’s talking about cruising in her ’80s Mercedes, but the lyric applies to her talent just as easily. I think we can officially say that we’ve got a new class of female country singers now who are as comfortable working in pop idioms as country, while being completely country to the core: Morris, Cam, Maddie & Tae. And Morris is at the head of that class. “80s Mercedes” is a highlight of her debut album Hero, a song about driving that actually drives, that sounds amazing blasting from car speakers, that makes you feel it. Everything about this works. And I want her white leather jacket. 

Rookie of the year, no question.

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