Top 40 of 2016: #7

TSJ: As Mr. Soto will tell you (and I’ll concur heartily), Raitt’s new Dig In Deep is her best album in a good 15 years. She was an old soul even when young, so aging suits her. And she’s always been randy. I can’t think of another singer who sings PG lyrics and makes them sound so damn sexy. “So I lay it on the table,” she sings, “baby, what you get is what you see.” Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick’s lyrics sound as if they were written for a journeywoman of the blues — as they likely were — and Raitt delivers them as only she can, adding her patented slide guitar for good measure. This is confident music for grown-ups, not fashionable, but one of the best things released this year.

I wrote the above in April, and it’s still accurate in December. Said album was my favorite of the year for the entire year, and I suspect will remain as such 5 years from now. The most assured music she’s made in, perhaps, a quarter-century.


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