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Give me your body: the best of Queen

58% on Rotten Tomatoes is frankly higher than I expected for Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic, as most reviews I’ve heard or read have been scathing. But there’s one good thing in all this hubbub over the film: it’s making … Continue reading

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Hot hits: March/April 2018

Been listening to a lot of early ’70s music lately, most of it previously unknown (or at least not terribly familiar) to me. And this song, Carly Simon‘s first single (from her debut album) — goddamn, how lacerating. The musical version … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “The Right Thing to Do”

I first wrote about this song last May, saying, “Riding that coffeehouse piano vibe, with snappy production from Richard Perry — it sounds so deliciously crisp — Simon sings the hell out of this out-and-out love song for her then-husband James Taylor. … Continue reading

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Pop top 10: 1/10/76

Lots of classics in this top 10, and a very tidy microcosm of its time: soft pop ballads, glam-adjacent, and some honest to goodness funk/soul/disco classics, with a mother of a novelty classic at #1. All that’s missing, really, is … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

Gordon Lightfoot is not typically my cup of tea. Any interest I have in folk music tends to lean towards the women’s music side of things, and the “sensitive men” of the early ’70s don’t do much for me at … Continue reading

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Pop top 20: 10/4/75

This is a couple of weeks late, but I think this chart is pretty interesting, so I’m still putting this out — but in the interest of finally getting it finished, I chopped it in half. The accompanying Spotify playlist includes the … Continue reading

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Pop top 40: 8/25/79

Here’s your playlist for this so-’79-it-hurts chart. Really, anything you could say about 1979 in music is right here. 1 2 MY SHARONA –•– The Knack (Capitol)-10 (1 week at #1) (1) — Heard today, it almost sounds like pop-punk. And rocks … Continue reading

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