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Don’t close your eyes: the best of ’88

In alphabetical, unranked order. For once I went with Soto‘s rule that if an album’s on my list, no singles from that album are included. Why 1988? Well, besides the fact that it flowed nicely from doing ’98 (30 vs. 20 years … Continue reading

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Do you wanna get rocked? The biggest and best of Def Leppard

No band in the ’80s sounded bigger than Def Leppard, and that wasn’t because of their riffage; that was thanks to “Mutt” Lange, sprinkling his magic studio dust over them in his pre-Shania years. On their biggest album and crowning achievement, … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “When Wrong Is Right”

If you don’t know the story of June Millington, you should. Start with her Wikipedia entry, and then move on to Ann Powers’s piece on and interview with Millington from 2015. Short version: founder of groundbreaking all-female rock band Fanny in the early … Continue reading

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Pop top 40: 1/19/80

The future was already underway, we just didn’t know it: falling out of the top 40 this week, from a high of #36 the week prior, was “Rapper’s Delight.” But otherwise, yeah, it’s still the ’70s. Don’t believe me? Listen … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “King Holiday”

As the story goes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s son Dexter Scott King called Kurtis Blow, and asked him to make a record celebrating the legacy of his father, and the (then-)forthcoming national holiday for him, which was first celebrated … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “Crush on You”

Mock if you must, but whatever you think of the Wolfgramm family’s music, five top 10 singles in the space of three years is pretty solid. This Tongan family band’s (very) lightly funky pop was fairly unavoidable from 1986-88 on … Continue reading

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Pop top 40: 12/21/85

What’s missing from the Spotify playlist? Arguably the two biggest British rock gods in the countdown, Messrs. McCartney and Townshend — but really, that’s nobody’s loss, as you’ll see. 1 3 SAY YOU, SAY ME –•– Lionel Richie — 7 (1) … Continue reading

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