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And on and on: more on Janet Jackson

Sure, I recently had some things to say about a handful of my favorite Janet Jackson songs — but when it comes to Miss Janet Privacy Control, there’s always more to be said. I especially want to spotlight some of … Continue reading

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Radio Romance: WJLB FM98, Detroit, 2/13/84

Now, this is a radio station I wish I could go back and hear, as the early ’80s became the mid-’80s. Detroit is known for progressive Black radio — it was one of the first markets to really take to … Continue reading

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Gimme a beat: on Janet Jackson

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, we did a career-spanning review of Janet records over at The Singles Jukebox. I highly recommend you read all of it, because it’s full of … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “This Is Not America,” David Bowie with the Pat Metheny Group

From The Singles Jukebox’s David Bowie tribute, January 2016: It somehow made perfect sense that, on the heels of Tonight, Bowie should collaborate with jazz-fusion superstars the Pat Metheny Group on a single from their soundtrack to the US-USSR espionage … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “There’s Nothing Better Than Love,” Luther Vandross with Gregory Hines

The follow-up to Vandross’s R&B #1 “Stop to Love,” this lighter-than-air midtempo R&B number duly followed it to the top in early May ’87. (Not surprisingly, it stopped at #50 on the Hot 100.) It might feel like a bit … Continue reading

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The long-running #2s: do they try harder?

With Billie Eilish’s hit spending its 8th week stuck at #2 behind “Old Town Road,” Billboard saw fit to survey the 10 songs which were forever Hot 100 bridesmaids and never brides for eight weeks or longer. (The all-time record … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “One Love,” Whodini

Whodini were different. They were an ’80s hip hop group from NYC who weren’t hardcore at all. Their first album featured production from, among others, Conny Plank and Thomas Dolby. And their first smash, “Friends” (#4 R&B, 1985), features as … Continue reading

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