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Radio Romance: WJLB FM98, Detroit, 2/13/84

Now, this is a radio station I wish I could go back and hear, as the early ’80s became the mid-’80s. Detroit is known for progressive Black radio — it was one of the first markets to really take to … Continue reading

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Radio Romance: V100 Milwaukee, April 1995

In the spring of 1995, I was in my first long-distance relationship, that long distance being between North Manchester, IN (my hometown, where I was in my junior year at Manchester College, my alma mater) and Milwaukee, WI (hometown of … Continue reading

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Radio Romance: The Rock of Chicago, WLS AM 89 & FM 95, 11/27/82

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: in the fall of 1982, I was an almost-12-year-old 7th grader in love with top 40 radio but without a radio of my own, having to rely on when I could listen … Continue reading

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Radio Romance: Power 107.5, WGCI Chicago, late August 1986

I’ve been making playlists for the past couple of years, tributes to specific eras/moments of music on specific radio stations, based on my memories of said station at a particular time, or playlists, or airchecks, or combos/all of the above. … Continue reading

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