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My favorite songs: “Sanctified Lady”

I recently had a moment of reckoning with Marvin Gaye’s “Sanctified Lady.” I was driving north up the California coast on US 1, from Santa Cruz (which I call home) to San Francisco (where I lived for 9 years and … Continue reading

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On Aretha: 2 duets

On Monday, The Singles Jukebox tributed Aretha Franklin. I had a pair of entries that I meant to get in, but didn’t make the deadline. Here’s the first, on two of her ’80s duets. “I Knew You Were Waiting (For … Continue reading

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First love, heartbreak, tough luck, big mistake — what else can you do?: Pat DiNizio, RIP

My heart hurt when I read the news, late Tuesday night, that the Smithereens’ leader, Pat DiNizio, had died at the age of 62. Besides R.E.M., there’s no band I more closely associate with that chiming Rickenbacker guitar sound, so … Continue reading

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Like a transmission from somewhere distant: on “You Got Lucky”

I highly recommend you read the entire TSJ tribute to Tom Petty, but I’m particularly pleased with what I contributed, on his late 1982 single “You Got Lucky,” so I’m reposting it here for posterity. ***** In the fall of 1982, … Continue reading

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He was born a rebel: Tom Petty, RIP

I grew up in the ’80s (I was born at the end of 1970), so Tom Petty was everywhere: on the radio, on MTV, and on the cover of Rolling Stone. His 1981 cover, where he’s ripping a dollar bill in … Continue reading

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Time out of mind: Walter Becker, RIP

[Graphic borrowed from Paul Myers’ IG/FB. As big a Peanuts fan as I am, it really resonates with me.] I’m heartbroken by the news of Walter Becker’s passing. Steely Dan are one of my favorite bands, so integral to the … Continue reading

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Last of the rock gods: Chris Cornell, RIP

Chris Cornell was, indisputably, to the ’90s as Robert Plant was to the ’70s: a long-haired, handsome frontman with charisma and charm to spare, deep, soulful eyes, and a voice. Oh, that voice. A primal, erotic wail, really. Where Cobain … Continue reading

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Let’s get 2 rammin’: on “I Would Die 4 U” and “U Got the Look”

Over at The Singles Jukebox, we paid tribute to Prince this weekend, and the entire thing is well worth your time. But for those curious, or with a tl;dr mentality, here are my blurbs: “I Would Die 4 U”: To me, this has … Continue reading

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Life ain’t really funky, ‘less it’s got that pop: The obit I never imagined writing

When an artist owns the entire top 10 songs on iTunes, it can and does only mean one sad, sad thing. Prince always seemed like he’d live forever, you know? He was (I can’t believe I’m using past tense) a … Continue reading

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