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The long-running #2s: do they try harder?

With Billie Eilish’s hit spending its 8th week stuck at #2 behind “Old Town Road,” Billboard saw fit to survey the 10 songs which were forever Hot 100 bridesmaids and never brides for eight weeks or longer. (The all-time record … Continue reading

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Pop top 40 summer nights super-special: 7/21/79

Not just the pop top 40 from this week 40 years ago, but the country top 10, too, because just look at it. All but two of these are in the accompanying playlist. Hot 100:1 1 BAD GIRLS –•– Donna … Continue reading

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Pop top 40 summer nights special: 7/20/74

Continuing a series of looks back at the pop charts in summer, ergo the title change. This chart from 45 years ago is an interesting one; more interesting than I expected, definitely. Songs not in the accompanying Spotify playlist are … Continue reading

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Pop top 40 summer nights special: 7/16/94

25 years ago this week. A great summer for R&B, as “MTV Jams” proved on a daily basis. Here’s the playlist, only missing two selections (whose videos are linked below). 1 1 I SWEAR –•– All-4-One – 13 (1) — … Continue reading

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My favorite songs: “The Killing of Georgie (Part I & II),” Rod Stewart

Say what you will about Rod Stewart — I mean, we all do — but I will forever appreciate that he wrote, recorded, and got his record company to release as a single a song that was a positive portrayal … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite things: on Jerry Lee Lewis

[On Lewis’s “comeback” album, 2006’s Last Man Standing. Originally published at Stylus on 12/12/06.] Yes, I know: another duets-cum-tribute album? But you’d be wrong in making that assumption, so wrong like Patrick Simmons. There’s a few significant differences between Last … Continue reading

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Give me your body: the best of Queen

58% on Rotten Tomatoes is frankly higher than I expected for Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic, as most reviews I’ve heard or read have been scathing. But there’s one good thing in all this hubbub over the film: it’s making … Continue reading

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Do you wanna get rocked? The biggest and best of Def Leppard

No band in the ’80s sounded bigger than Def Leppard, and that wasn’t because of their riffage; that was thanks to “Mutt” Lange, sprinkling his magic studio dust over them in his pre-Shania years. On their biggest album and crowning achievement, … Continue reading

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First love, heartbreak, tough luck, big mistake — what else can you do?: Pat DiNizio, RIP

My heart hurt when I read the news, late Tuesday night, that the Smithereens’ leader, Pat DiNizio, had died at the age of 62. Besides R.E.M., there’s no band I more closely associate with that chiming Rickenbacker guitar sound, so … Continue reading

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Like a transmission from somewhere distant: on “You Got Lucky”

I highly recommend you read the entire TSJ tribute to Tom Petty, but I’m particularly pleased with what I contributed, on his late 1982 single “You Got Lucky,” so I’m reposting it here for posterity. ***** In the fall of 1982, … Continue reading

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