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You know I ain’t that handsome: the best of John Mellencamp

[Regarding the above image: John Mellencamp had to be the most unlikely three-time┬áSPIN cover star, but thank god he was buddies with publisher Bob Guccione, Jr., who did some great interviews with him. (Especially as he only got a single … Continue reading

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Last of the rock gods: Chris Cornell, RIP

Chris Cornell was, indisputably, to the ’90s as Robert Plant was to the ’70s: a long-haired, handsome frontman with charisma and charm to spare, deep, soulful eyes, and a voice. Oh, that voice. A primal, erotic wail, really. Where Cobain … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite things: on Journey

[Written for the Stylus feature “The Diamond,” published 4/24/07. Seems fitting to republish this on Steve Perry’s 68th (!) birthday.] The Diamond is an apt name for albums certified for 10 million + sales by the Recording Industry Association of … Continue reading

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Hey mister, that’s me up on the jukebox: the best of Linda Ronstadt

Okay, don’t get too used to this, but there are a few artists over the past, say, half-decade, on whom I’ve done some pretty serious deep dives. Some lend themselves to album lists, some to song lists, some to both, … Continue reading

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